Size of your ring

The easiest way to determine the size of your ring is by taking a ring that fits you well. Measure the inner diameter of the ring, that's the european size of your ring. Is the inner diameter e.g. 16 mm, than you have size 16.

You can use our RINGMETER. Print it en put your ring over circles. In case the inner side of your ring fits one of the circles than you found your size.


Handy tips

Thanks to the free ringmeter of Belle Epoque you can easily determine your ringsize. To help you even better, we offer you some handy tips:


    • Determine the ringsize at room temperature: your fingers can get thikker and thinner due to the heat or cold.
    • Is your knuckle bigger than the lowest part of finger ? Measure the circumference of the knuckle and  the lowest part of your finger. The size is in between of these two sizes.
    • Doubting about 2 sizes ? Take the biggest one.
    • Do you want to surprise somebody ? Define the correct size by drawing a circular line in his or her ring, following the inner circumference of the ring. The diameter of this drawned circle is the size you need.

French ringsize

We apply french sizes on our webshop. The french size is based on the circumference of a ring. The european size is based on the diameter of a ring. You do know the european size, but not the french one ? Our RINGMETER shows them both.


You are lost ? Please contact us: we are happy to help you further.